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Palin to ABC's Gibson:

And now obviously, Charlie, with the federal government saying, no, the rest of the nation does not want to fund that [Bridge to Nowhere] project. You have a choice. You either read the writing on the wall and understand okay, yes, that, that project's going nowhere. And the state isn't willing to fund that project. So what good does it do to continue to support something that circumstances have so drastically changed? You call an audible, and you deal in reality, and you move on. And, Charlie, we killed the bridge to nowhere and that's the bottom line.

This roughly translate to, "Congress didn't want that project and Alaska didn't want that project. That project was going nowhere. I killed that project." 

Which is like saying, "I stumbled upon a deer in the woods that had been shot multiple times. It was bleeding profusely, drawing its final gasps, moments from certain death. I fired one more bullet and killed it. Bottom line, I killed that deer." 

Who could ever say that--as a boast, no less?

--Michael Crowley