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It's 3am On Wall Street

During the primary the Clinton campaign posited the idea that a President would face a 3am call on the economy.  It looks like one of those 3am calls came this weekend as the government made the decision to let Lehman Brothers go bankrupt rather than bail the firm out.  I have no idea whether that was the right decision -- what I do know is that a lot of Americans are going to be watching the financial news with white knuckles today.  

There is a tendency on the part of candidates to be cautious about inserting themselves too dramtically into the markets during periods of volatility.  No one wants to be accused of saying something that causes an adverse reaction on the trading floor.

Still, this is "a moment." 

It's 3am on Wall Street.  Will either candidate offer an explanation of the problem and a plan to fix it that will reassure voters and break through the din?

Stay tuned.

Added at 1045am:

My former colleagues on the Clinton Campaign, Mark Penn, and Phil Singer, have also weighed in.