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Is Hillary The Palin Slayer?

Her people don't seem to think so. Quoth the NYT's Patrick Healy via NY Mag:

You know what I keep hearing privately from advisers to Hillary? They say, "Why is it our job to blunt Palin's impact? Hillary is not on the ticket. Obama didn't choose her." I don't think it's so much about resentment, it's an honest assessment that Hillary can only do so much in this regard. (And she doesn't want to be blamed if this vote doesn't go Obama's way.)

This really doesn't strike me as a line that Hillary's people should be promoting. After all, she's the one who explained to her supporters in Denver that the campaign wasn't just about her, but about the big issues. If she really believes, as she proclaimed at the Pepsi Center, that "nothing less than the fate of our nation and the future of our children hang in the balance," then isn't that worth sticking out her neck for, even if it entails some personal political risk? Now wouldn't seem the time to make a passive-aggressive point because Obama didn't put her on the ticket.

Healy's interpretation might be the more accurate one: that there's just not a lot Hillary can do against Palin (whose impact may be fading anyway). But if not getting blamed for a loss is something that Hillary is worried about, then she might tell her advisors to tell reporters that she's ready and willing to do whatever is asked of her.

--Michael Crowley