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How Long Before We Hear "keating"?

Politico's Avi Zenilman makes a great point:

Obama's speech is more specific and framed as an indictment of deregulation and conservative economic policies — like McCain, he advocates transparency and anti-manipulation measures, but he also calls for increased oversight and capital requirements for investment banks. ... As an example of deregulation gone bad, he throws in a mention of the savings and loan crisis fo the 1980s — as close as he's come this campaign to bringing up Charles Keating [E/A].

I have this image of both sides with their fingers on a doomsday button, which they'd prefer not to push but will if things get dire enough. The button on McCain's doomsday machine says "Jeremiah Wright," and the one on Obama's says "Keating." Nothing to stop either of them from dropping hints, though.

--Noam Scheiber