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Does She Walk The Walk On Energy And Transparency?

I know some of us have Sarah Palin fatigue, but look, she is on the GOP ticket, and not merely that -- her addition was intended to steal McCain's limelight, to revive a ticket that was flagging under McCain alone by adding novelty and energy expertise and bulking up his open-government, "politics of change" credentials.

So it's worth taking a gander this morning at two little stories that puncture some of Palin's energy and open-government cred. Over at the Post, Michael Dobbs fact-checks Palin's boast that as governor of Alaska, she oversees "nearly 20 percent" of the U.S. domestic supply of, alternately, "energy" or "oil and gas," concluding that "the Republican vice presidential nominee continues to peddle bogus statistics three days after the original error was pointed out by independent fact-checkers."

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper examines Palin's "instincts" on government transparency by looking at her actual Alaska record as opposed to taking it on faith that she and McCain would, as she puts it at campaign rallies, "make everything more open, and more accountable, and more attractive to those who want to serve."

--Eve Fairbanks