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Was John Bolton Right?

You have to admit he was...and is.

Yes, I know that the North Koreans are supposed to be nutsy, which is the arms controller's way of saying that they shouldn't be taken seriously. But, alas, the people of North Korea have no alternative but to take their goose-stepping regime very seriously indeed. Kim Jong-il has starved his people for many decades but still built up a military that frightens not only the Japanese and the South Koreans but also China. It has also played nuclear games with Iran and Syria. And Pyongyang, according to Choe Sang-Hun in Saturday's Times, now confirms that "it has begun to reassemble a nuclear complex that can produce weapons-grade plutonium."

That's not all: it cares not a fig whether it is removed from the United States' terrorism blacklist. Or, in their words, "We neither wish nor expect to be delisted as a "state sponsor of terrorism. We can go our own way." 

The Times observes that this "bodes ill for Washington's efforts to keep the nuclear complex, north of the capital...disabled."

What do Barack Obama and John McCain? And, as a piece of sure-fire comedy, I also want to know what Sarah Palin makes of it.