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Todd Palin Is Hillary Clinton

 So I'm reading the WaPo's front-pager today on Todd Palin, when it hits me: Todd Palin is Hillary Clinton circa 1992.

As the WaPo lays it out, the major criticism leveled at Todd is that he's too involved in his spouse's governing duties but operates without any oversight or accountability. The couple is seen throughout the state's political circles as a team--"Sarah and Todd." Todd sits in on high-level meetings. He's copied on official emails. He offers counsel on a wide range of issues. He travels on state business (often at taxpayer expense). He even unofficially lobbies lawmakers and outside interest groups on matters of importance to him. But because all of this is done under the auspices of his personal rather than professional relationship with Governor Sarah, the good citizens of the state have no real sense what Todd is up to.   

All of this smacks of the two-for-the-price-of-one deal we were offered--and which many people took such exception to--in 1992 with the Clintons. Obviously, the times are different and the gender dynamics are scrambled this time around. But Todd clearly has his fingers in Sarah's bidness as much as--if not more than--Hillary ever did in Bill's. Just something to think about the next time the conservative punditocracy gets all self-righteous about the need to protect the candidates' families from public scrutiny. If anything, it sounds like "Sarah and Todd" could use a little more scrunity. 

--Michelle Cottle

Update: For more on this, check out Eve Fairbanks's piece in TNR's new issue.