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Most Shameless Ad Of The Season

Thought McCain's sex-ed-in-kindergarten attack ad was bad? Check out this National Republican Senatorial Committee hit on Al Franken:

Uses ambiguous phrasing to suggest Franken is a sex offender? Check! ("Franken writes about committing rape.") Relies on discredited sources? Check! (The Daily News dismantled the New York Post's 2004 "body-slammed a demonstrator" story here.)

But the craziest aspect of the ad is its visual theme. "What the heck is up with that random wall-of-TVs motif?" I thought, as I watched it. The point of the strange motif becomes crystal clear at the end: It's intended to set up a trompe l'oeil shot that, while technically on the level, implies that Franken has been photographed behind jail bars. Classy.

--Eve Fairbanks