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Palin's Twist On The "dog Ate My Homework" Excuse

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm working on a Palin piece for our next issue, so apologies if my blogging is a little Palin-centric this week. But, as we approach next week's vice presidential debate, I thought it was worth sharing my all-time favorite Palin quote. It came in the context of criticism during the 2006 campaign that she was ducking debates and candidate forums.

Take it away, Anchorage Daily News:

Last week, the Knowles campaign also pointed out Palin's cancellation of a meeting with Alaska Native corporation chief executives Oct. 3, asking if she's only attending events she's comfortable with.

Palin said Friday it wouldn't have been appropriate to attend the meeting out of respect for the audience.

"I didn't know enough about tribal government and we did not have time to do all the research to give the subject its due," she said.

Asked about the cancellation at the time, her campaign spokesman, Smith, talked about Palin's hectic schedule.

"There's always competing obligations," Palin said Friday.

Knowles' campaign manager, Leslie Ridle, said not being ready isn't a good excuse.

If only I'd have thought of that back in high school: No ma'am. I didn't do the assignment--didn't know anything about The Great Gatsby and didn't think it was appropriate to write the paper, out of respect for you and my classmates. It's f***ing brilliant!

P.S. The whole ADN article is really worth a read. Just one gem after another.

--Noam Scheiber