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Clearly I Need A More Profitable Class Of Friends

 As a political scribbler, I of course find it irritating--if no longer surprising--that the McCain campaign flat-out lied about Slick Rick's arrangement with Freddie Mac

But in reading the news reports this morning, I tried to focus solely on the substance of the arrangement in question. It seems that the folks over at Freddie were aware that Davis's consulting firm was receiving $15,000 a month up through last month, but they don't recall Davis actually doing much lobbying for the firm. 

So if you're a regular Joe voter stressed out about the current economic meltdown, which reality would upset you more: If Davis was raking in close to $200k a year to ensure that GSEs like Freddie and Fannie continued to run amok without serious oversight or accountability, or if he was raking in close to $200k a year for doing bupkiss other than being pals with John McCain?

I think I find option B more appalling--but, again, in no way suprising. Obviously I've been in Washington too long. 

--Michelle Cottle