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Mccain Didn't Bother To Read The Bailout Plan?

Here's John McCain talking about the proposed financial bailout, during an interview with a local television station from Cleveland. The Obama campaign is sending the video around, and I can see why. Pay particular attention to the final few seconds, when McCain says he hasn't had a chance to read the actual proposal.

I assume he's referring here to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's proposed bailout. But it's possible he's referring to the alternative package Senator Christopher Dodd crafted. The context isn't entirely clear.

It doesn't really mater, though. Text of both were widely available on Monday. (The Paulson plan was available over the weekend.) And this interview, according to the YouTube page, took place on Tuesday.

Assuming that's all correct, how could McCain not have found time to read it? How could he not have made time to read it?

Remember, this is the same man who just announced he's suspending his campaign, because the financial crisis demands his full attention and participation. 

Update: The McCain campaign has confirmed to Politico that the reference was to the Paulson plan--that is, the proposal Paulson made available on Friday, four full days before this interview took place. Oh, did I mention that the Paulson plan is all of three pages long?

--Jonathan Cohn