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John Bolton, Right As Usual

I know that citing John Bolton in these torrid climes does not invite civilized discussion among so-called "progressives." (Some day soon I will write about why the nomenclature of progressivism is favored over liberalism by people on the left, and self-indictingly so. In the meantime, why don't you think about the matter yourself? And think about it both historically and philosophically...)

Bolton has written a piece on Iran for the New York Daily News, a much more intelligent newspaper than it was when your grandmother warned you away from it.

Bolton has said and written much of this before. But it is more urgent now that Iran and Ahmadinejad have more or less announced their satanic plans in public. No one will be able to claim ignorance of the threat.

Yes, Bolton has been a hawk on Iran for some time. His indisputable argument is so persuasive as to be terrifying. Now, of course, wait for the disputers and their silliness.

Apropos Iran, Richard Holbrooke (the sharpest of the candidates to be Obama's secretary of state) and Fouad Ajami (known here at TNR, there at John Hopkins and everywhere through his writings and television appearances) have launched United Against a Nuclear Iran. If you agree with the statement...well, sign it and send it on.