Evidently something went dreadfully wrong at this year's GOP Dirty Oppo-Research 101 for Campaign Staffers Training Camp. A few days ago, doomed senatorial candidate Jim Gilmore had to suspend his Communications Director for using a fake name to sneak onto Mark Warner's press list. Now, this story emerges from one of this year's more competitive congressional races, the fight over Wyoming's at-large seat:

The press secretary for Republican U.S. House candidate Cynthia Lummis appears to have used a fake name and identified herself as a supporter while calling in to a news conference held by Democratic candidate Gary Trauner. The press secretary, Rachael Seidenschnur acknowledges calling in to Tuesday's news conference and asking a question regarding U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. ... [A]n audio recording shows the only caller to the news conference who asked about Pelosi identified herself as a Trauner supporter named "Sierra.''

Eve Fairbanks