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Suspending Disbelief

"Tomorrow morning I will suspend my campaign." --John McCain, yesterday

Today, Ben Smith:

Readers in Iowa and Wisconsin [and Virginia] emailed to say that they saw seen McCain ads on the air this morning, though he's said he's taking them down.

Jonathan Martin:

What exactly constitutes a "suspended campaign?" Well, Team McCain is still working away this morning. Joe Pounder, the indefatigable press aide, blasted out his morning email of clips and quips to reporters with just a bit of dissonance.


Go to McCain’s website, and you’ll see he’s still collecting campaign contributions and still running his trashy anti-Obama video spots. He’s still doing interviews (just not Letterman!)...


Despite McCain's claim that he's put his campaign on hold, two of [his advisers] directly attacked Barack Obama in political terms on television this morning.

The important thing, of course, is that John McCain will not attend debates until the Republic is saved, or doing so will get his running mate out of her debate, whichever comes first.

-- Christopher Orr