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Palin Panic In Mccainland?

A savvy reader's theory:

They taped the CBS interview [between Couric and Palin] in the morning. They got the readout from the staffer about how terrible it was (that poor, poor person). They had the poll numbers and the Rick Davis story: *Bingo*, let's postpone the Friday debate and do it the day of the VP debate.  And let's have the VP debate...  the day after never?

This squares with another person who noted to me that McCain did just one interview yesterday--and it happened to be with the same network that had already spoken to Palin that day. Odd concentration of resources, no? And indeed, I watched the top of yesterday's CBS Evening News and it was all McCain, no Palin. It's possible the real story is percolating fear at McCain HQ that Palin's stock may be headed the way of Lehman Brothers.

--Michael Crowley