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Are The Dems Really In Trouble?

I think Mike makes some excellent points about dangers facing the Democrats as they try to navigate a bill through Congress. But there is something worth adding to this equation: One of the reasons the bailout bill is so unpopular is that it is still seen as the Bush administration's bailout bill. However, now that Congressional Democrats are the ones putting forward the plan (and now that the plan is much improved, if still far from perfect), I assume we are going to see more Americans telling pollsters that passing the bill is necessary. In a Rasmussen poll taken a few days ago, a higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans opposed the bill, and that is sure to change. Moreover, if Obama gets behind the bill, expect a lot more support from his voters (i.e. half the country). Add into this mix the percolating concern that a lack of action is going to mess with the markets, and I can easily see feelings changing over the next five days. If this does not completely erase the concerns that Mike lays out, it should go some way towards minimizing them.

--Isaac Chotiner