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Today's Roundup

Today's been busy, between the bailout machinations and debate news, so we've decided to roundup our blog coverage for easy consumption. Enjoy: 

On the election:

John B. Judis lays out a critique of McCain's bailout hijinks: Putting country last

Christopher Orr asks: Has the McCain campaign broken Sarah Palin?

Jason Zengerle wonders: Is there an upside to McCain's failed gambit?

Jonathan Chait asks if there is a method to McCain's madness and draws attention to the Sarah Palin Disney movie trailer

Noam Scheiber wonders, Is McCain's Problem His Temperament, His Staff, or Both?

Michael Crowley questions whether Sarah Palin knows she's in too deep, points out McCain's ‘Dukakis moment,' and discusses McCain's nonsensical reversal.

Michelle Cottle looks at the latest polling and wonders, am I blue?

Eve Fairbanks lays out the case that David Brooks is to McCain as Kim Eisler Was to Abramoff.

Howard Wolfson reminds us that George W. Bush, not John McCain, nor Barack Obama, is actually our president.

Michael Schaffer on McCain's new POW card: A Noun, A Verb, and Those Ten Town-Hall Meetings

Max Fisher and Ben Eisler produce: TNR TV: Obama and McCain's Best Debate Moments

Eric Zimmermann and Amanda Silverman compile TNR's Debate Archive

On the bailout:

David Cay Johnston asks who benefits from the bailout?

Clay Risen thinks the bailout might be the death knell of modern conservatism and urges us to listen to those who got it right.

Jonathan Cohn asks if the Dems are really in trouble.

Eve Fairbanks explains how McCain's gambit could work.

Michael Crowley reveals the peril for Democrats.

Noam Scheiber decides on the least surprising bailout negotiation and asks, are things really so perilous for the Dems?

Howard Wolfson explains the danger in McCain's continuing chase of the news cycle.