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Palin's Lighter Side

Don't know why, but I find this old Palin press release endearing, if daffy:

September 11, 2006
Contact: Curtis Smith
Fish Tale From Scotland Spawns Dinner Invite
From Palin

Anchorage – September 11, 2006 – Republican Candidate for
Governor Sarah Palin is used to receiving invitations to various
functions and dinners. Today, she turned the tables and sent out an
invite of her own.

After reading that Prince Charles was being panned in Scotland for
snubbing Scottish salmon in favor of Alaskan salmon, Palin invited the
Prince of Wales to dinner in Alaska as a way of thanking him for his
excellent taste in fish.

“The Prince clearly has a taste for the real-deal,” said Palin. “He can
catch the salmon if he wants to, but we’ll take care of the rest. He may
have a cadre of chefs on stand by, but nobody prepares salmon like

The Prince of Wales was recently criticized in The Scotsman for
ordering Alaskan fish to sell through his food company – outraging the
Scottish Salmon Producers Organization. The Prince is also on record
opposing fish farming.

“Our salmon are the most spectacular in all of the world,” said Palin.
“There’s a reason people ask for it by name.” (h/t Politico's Anne Schroeder Mullins)

Hey, the Guv would almost certainly have taken less abuse for citing this as evidence of her foreign policy diplomatic savvy rather than her state's narrow maritime border with Russia.

--Michelle Cottle