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Shocking Palin Brutality!

McCain flack Nicole Wallace on Palin and the media: 

"We didn't expect anyone to treat her as a cream puff because she's a girl," Wallace said. But, she added, "I'm shocked personally at how brutal many of the women in the media have been." Wallace pointed to CNN anchor Campbell Brown, who urged the campaign to arrange more interviews for Palin and stop treating her "like a delicate flower who will wilt at any moment." [boldface added]

Oh, the brutality! Who wouldn't be shocked, shocked by such savage rhetoric? Never mind that Brown was criticizing not Palin but the McCain camp's handling of Palin. Or that Brown immediately went on to add:  "She is strong, she is tough, she is confident.... Allow her to show her stuff." (Many people might not be so generous!) Wallace either doesn't understand the distinction or, dare I say, was cynically trashing a journalist to score a bogus political point.

Watch the original clip below and see if you can resist averting your eyes from the horrific sadism.

--Michael Crowley