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Palin And The Out Of Touch Elites Who Love Her, Cont'd.

The day after Palin's convention speech, I tried to argue that Palin wasn't actually a hit in Middle America (at least not as a candidate), just a coastal liberal's idea of what Middle America would go for. We could debate that point--I'd still more or less defend it; on the other hand, her initial numbers were pretty good. But I think it's especially true tonight. I've heard a lot of cooing about Palin's folksiness on MSNBC and CNN this last hour-and-a-half (though not from everyone--Rachel Maddow has been appropriately skeptical). But the polls suggest that most Americans, however much they might like her, don't want her to be vice president.

It turns out that Middle America also thinks substance and credentials matter. If only liberal eliltes would give them a little credit. (Not much more, but a little.)

--Noam Scheiber