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Maybe Don't Free Sarah Palin

I think that Palin managed to avoid humiliation last night because she was in a format that had no curveball questions and few follow-ups, letting her repeat memorized (or written) answers that she seemed to have little understanding of. The Wall Street Journal editorial page, though, has a more favorable take:

Maybe John McCain should fire the advisers who won't let Sarah Palin do more interviews. The Alaska Governor has faced two major campaign challenges -- her acceptance speech and last night's debate -- and each time she's shown herself worthy of the national stage. Let Mrs. Palin be herself, and then when she makes a mistake, as every candidate does, it won't be treated like some epic judgment on her fitness to be Vice President.

Well, I guess we'll see which interpretation the McCain campaign believes. If they start letting non-movement conservative journalists interview her regularly, that means they share the Journal's take. If they don't, it means they suspect my interpretation is right. Oh, I wonder what will happen.

--Jonathan Chait