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"viva La Barracuda"

From Pueblo, Colorado, comes McCain's new rallying cry.

But is it safe going back in the water? McCain's been trying to undo the damage he caused popping off on local water rights this summer:

In August, McCain said in an interview with The Pueblo Chieftain that the Colorado River water compact should be "renegotiated," a comment that brought immediate attacks from the state's top Democrats and even a terse response from Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Bob Schaffer.

McCain later said he did not support a renegotiation of the water compact.

He elicited applause when he emphatically told the audience in Pueblo , "I will never, ever see the renegotiation of the Colorado River compact."

Also notable: McCain visited a heavily Latino area but said nary a word about immigration reform. A little straight talk, my friends.

--Michael Crowley