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Mccain "still Suspended" In Florida?

Oh the gems you find in the local papers. The Orlando Sentinel previews Sarah Palin's two-day campaigning/fundraising swing through Florida this week:

Meanwhile, some Florida grass-roots Republicans are growing antsy about the campaign's efforts in Florida. Miller said he has spoken with party members who are concerned McCain hasn't built a big enough presence on the ground. He also worries that McCain was hurt by his decision late last month to suspend his campaign during discussions about Wall Street.

Since then, said Miller, there's been no splash in Florida to remind voters the game is back on.

"I think if you did a poll of likely Florida voters, and asked them, 'Is John McCain's campaign still suspended?' 8 [percent] to 12 percent would say yes," he said. "I think that's a huge hurdle they're overlooking."

--Michael Crowley