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Righting Wrongs (cont'd)

A brief follow-up for Chris's post on John Dowd's muddying of McCain's Keating Five contrition narrative. Seeing as how McCain presumably had to pay for Dowd's services when Dowd represented him during the Keating Five scandal nearly two decades ago, I was curious as to whether Dowd billed the McCain campaign for his time on today's conference call. I asked Dowd that question in an email and he replied with a succinct "No." So if there's a silver lining for McCain here, I guess it's that he didn't have to pay Dowd his undoubtedly high hourly rate this time around.

P.S. Despite my qualms about the timing of the Obama campaign's Keating-McCain documentary, I must say that there's never a bad time to listen to Howell Heflin doing his Foghorn Leghorn impersonation.

--Jason Zengerle