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Window Of Opportunity?

Newt Gingrich, never shy about offering unsolicited advice, explains how John McCain can win the election:

The Paulson bailout was initially bad and made worse by the Congressional Democrats.... 

Senator McCain now faces the crisis of his career. He is behind. He will not catch up on a state-by-state basis..

If Senator McCain is not prepared to separate himself from the Bush-Paulson economic program, he has no opportunity to win. The country is deeply fed up with the Bush presidency and angry about the Paulson bailout. If McCain is confused or uncertain about how bad this economic performance is, he will never get the country to listen to him.

Because nothing would put to rest concerns that McCain is impetuous and erratic like turning on the bill he said was necessary to avert economic catastrophe and which he "suspended" his campaign to help pass. And, anyway, if that doesn't work, he'll still have three weeks to come up with another idea and Newt, as usual, has a million. (Maybe shut down the government?)

The whole piece is worth reading as example number eleven thousand of Newt's giddy brainstorming and magnificent self-regard. He humbly concludes:

 As for myself, I know of no other path that will work.

I'm confident he'll come up with one.

--Christopher Orr