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TNRtv -- Scheiber Dishes On This Week's Cover Story

TNR's Ben Eisler interviews senior editor Noam Scheiber about his cover story in this issue on Sarah Palin. Scheiber gives the "story behind the story"--his adventures in Wasilla, gems that didn't make it into the piece, and how he found the key to understanding Alaska's governor.

Update by Noam Scheiber: I used an unfortunate phrase in this interview--"how needy these people are"--which I'd like to apologize for and retract. I didn't mean to suggest that the people who spoke with me were filling some emotional need. Just that they had a deep personal investment in the subject--Sarah Palin--which prompted them to share their stories and, at times, made the discussion somewhat anguished.

Also, while I have real ideological differences with the pro-life activists I met in Alaska, I do respect their earnestness and their dedication. I didn't mean to belittle their efforts. I was just amused by the particular scene I describe.

As you can see, I'm still working out the kinks in my transition to web-video...