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Mccain Melting Down In Nevada?

I didn't get a chance to link to this excellent Las Vegas Sun piece yesterday (via Jonathan Martin), but it's well worth your time. It's about the chaos plaguing the McCain campaign in Nevada. My favorite passage:

A few Republican operatives, who declined to be named, offered blunt criticism.

The McCain campaign is “a joke,” one said. “There’s not a campaign in Nevada. A couple of guys, running around, being incompetent. Or even worse, arrogantly incompetent.”

The consultant said there was no discernible McCain ground game, which is political jargon for the massive effort needed to find likely supporters and get them to the polls.

He did hedge a bit, saying that if some earth-shattering event were to occur, McCain could still win in Nevada. Otherwise: “There’s not one single positive note for Republicans. I couldn’t be more pessimistic.” [emphasis added.]

OK, so the news isn't all bad. Just one earth-shattering event and McCain's right back in it...

--Noam Scheiber