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Only John Mccain...

...could spin Obama's skepticism about nuclear power as disrespect for the troops.

During his speech today, McCain noted that many ships in the US Navy are powered by nuclear engines. And that, to paraphrase, if Senator Obama understood the lives of the brave men and women in the US military, he would see that they use nuclear power safely every day.

Update: Here's the exact passage:

By the way, the next time Senator Obama tells you that nuclear power has got to be made safe and environmental and all that, take him over to see one of our Navy ships with nuclear power plants on it, my friends. And ask the men and women who serve proudly on those nuclear powered ships defending freedom all over the world.

(Incidentally, what a weird retort: the power "plants" on ships and subs are tiny compared to the vast complexes that can power cities. The scale --and also the typical distance from populated areas--means it's just not an apt example when you talk about safety and environmental impact.)

--Michael Crowley