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Bill Clinton, Still Bitter?


Mr. Clinton, in brief remarks at the beginning of the program, spoke as much about his wife as about the Obama-Biden ticket.

I caught those remarks on C-SPAN last night, and that's an understatement. Bill may have spoken equally about his wife and the Obama-Biden ticket, but  when he did, he praised Biden to the skies and barely discussed Obama. In fact, Bill Clinton mentioned Obama's name four times: Once in a quick  reference to an event Bill's doing in Virginia; another to praise the choice of... Joe Biden; another to note how hard Hillary is working for the ticket; and, finally, to say that Obama has got "the best instincts... the best ability to understand these challenges... the best supporting cast," which is not exactly lyrical in its passion and depth.

Granted, it was a Biden-centric event (Obama was not there). Still, it's not hard to read between the lines here.

Interestingly, though, both Clintons got rousing cheers and I didn't pick up the smattering boos I'd been expecting.

--Michael Crowley