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Grasping For A Grand Unified Anti-obama Theory

Stanley Kurtz is taking another stab at one. Weeks after coming up empty in his search of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, Kurtz pops up on The Corner to announce:

It took me a while to put the pieces together, but I think I’ve figured out what’s had the Obama camp so worried about the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records. It goes way beyond Bill Ayers. In fact, it connects the dots between Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, and Obama’s own early radicalism.

If you want the details, you can read them here. But very long and tortuous story short, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge gave $200,000 to an education project that was based on the Afrocentric theories of some scholars who held views similar to those of--and in some instance had even met with--Jeremiah Wright!!!!!!!

Kurtz ends the article by pleading with McCain to use this as a reason to bring up Wright and, frankly, I kind of hope McCain does--if only because we haven't had enough lunacy in our presidential campaigns since Ross Perot (along with his accusation that George HW Bush threatened to sabotage his daughter's wedding) left the stage. Although I do concede that when it comes to crackpot anti-Obama theories, I find the Bill Ayers Really Wrote Obama's Book one much more elegant.

--Jason Zengerle