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Let The Mccain Premortems Begin!

Okay, they're probably a tad premature, but you can see the outlines of one school of thought beginning to form in this Mike Allen piece about McCain's refusal to make an issue out of Jeremiah Wright. According to Allen's reporting, it has indeed been McCain's refusal and not the refusal of his advisers, many of whom want to inject Wright into the campaign. And that's led to the following:

Conservatives who want McCain to focus on Wright contend that the omission is another sign of a campaign that is unwilling to play tough enough with the Obama juggernaut.

It really is hard to see how, after the celebrity ads and the "palling around with terrorists" line and the endangering our troops canard and the Acorn nonsense, that the McCain campaign could be accused of lacking the stomach to get into the gutter. But that, evidently, is going to be the lesson some conservatives will take away from the '08 election: McCain wasn't nasty enough. Ugh.

--Jason Zengerle