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George Bush's Last Act: Defer To North Korea

With all of George Bush's huffing and puffing about North Korea's nuclear bingo game, the administration has shown that, well, it is best at huffing and puffing.  Iran has clearly learned from Pyongyang that the best way to win in this world is to talk. 

The Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea (beware of countries with overly long names) has been involved in so many rogue operations that have fed its military (and only its military) that it shows no sign of let-up. No sign. This is the game that Dr. Strangelove/Dr. Khan also played, and both North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been his customers. In the meantime, he has gone unpunished for his proliferating nuclear crimes in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which is not a republic or, for that matter, a state.

Negotiations, the criminal rogue states have learned, is the way to survive. Negotiations ad infinitum and ad nauseum. And it's not only the atomic criminals.  It's also the routine murderers and terrorists. That's why Sudan wants to negotiate and why Syria wants to negotiate. If negotiations is a goal in itself for the West, why shouldn't the rogue states take advantage of this little peculiarity? It costs them nothing and wins them time, at the least.

I know that John Bolton, former American ambassador to the United Nations, is a b