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How Far Has Bill Clinton Fallen?

Ta-Nehisi Coates, reflecting on some of the ugliness coming from the McCain-Palin campaign of late, writes:

Say it with me children--They are who we thought they were. And as they get closer to the end of a noxious chapter on our history, they show themselves to be the same cowards they were in Philadelphia in 80, with Willie Horton in 88, with hands in 90, with Sista Souljah in 92, with McCain's love-child in 2000.

There's one very notable thing about that list: Joining Reagan (Philadelphia), Atwater (Horton), Helms (hands), and Rove (McCain's love-child) in this rogue's gallery is none other than Bill Clinton (Sista Souljah). That's some bad company for the man who was once our first black president.

--Jason Zengerle