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Mccain's Micro-gaffes

The frighteningly perceptive Politico guys catch a few weird little McCainisms tonight. Martin:

First, he calls Obama "Sen. Government."

Then he asserted his rival voted against confirming Justice Stephen Breyer to the Supreme Court.

Breyer, of course, was appointed by President Clinton long before Obama was elected to the Senate.


One McCain slip: He said the only healthcare plans would be lost would be "Cadillac" plans that include cosmetic surgery and transplants. He presumably meant hair transplants.

One could also throw in any number of disjointed sentences that didn't make much sense.

Update: Olbermann notes that McCain referred to Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher as Joe "Wurzelburger." And Palin as a "breash of freth air."

--Michael Crowley