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The Gop Shoots Itself In The Foot

One quick observation: The rise of the conservative media has obviously done the right a tremendous amount of good over the past generation. But, as the GOP looks likely to get creamed in the upcoming election, it really is shocking to witness the bubble that conservatives seemed trapped in. Read the right's blogs, listen to FOX News, turn on talk radio--all you hear (even right now, after the debate) is Ayers, ACORN, Reid, Pelosi, Barney Frank, and Chris Dodd (the last two being, duh, the sole villains behind our economic crisis). It's as if the conservative movement has found itself mouthing talking points that no one outside of the bubble could possibly care about. Maybe it's always like this when a political party faces an electoral catastrophe, but it sure is noticeable right now.

--Isaac Chotiner