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Ugliness Of The Day: Va Edition

Sadly, this may have to become a running feature. In the Richmond-area town of Chesterfield, an Obama yard sign was torn down and replaced with a Confederate flag. (Says the amazingly gracious homeowner: "I feel like this is somebody with a lot of hatred in their heart... It's our job to help the guy try to do better in life.")

Meanwhile, an update on the dead bear covered with Obama signs in North Carolina: A local businessman is offering a reward, though not for the reasons you might expect:

Linn Beachem, owner of Beachem Carpet & Tile Care, said his $500 reward is not about the potential political message behind the incident. Instead, he is motivated by the act of someone killing and them dumping a bear on campus.

“I don’t want to make it about politics,” he said this morning. “It is just a despicable act.”

--Michael Crowley