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The Wages Of Idiocy

I don't often watch the cable shout shows, so I realize I'm coming to this rather late, but this interview Chris Matthews did with Minnesota GOP Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann--in which she held forth on Barack Obama's "anti-American views"--really has to be seen to be believed.

My favorite part might be when (at about the 1:40 mark) Matthews notes that Sarah Palin said something similar, and Bachmann just lights up--as if being compared to Palin is the best thing that's happened to her all day. Bachmann's comments have breathed new life into the campaign of her Democratic opponent, the wonderfully named El Tinklenberg, who raised $800,000 in the 72 hours after Bachmann's "Hardball" appearance. But maybe losing wouldn't be such a bad thing for Bachmann: she'd probably have more influence--and make more money--as a talk radio host, which would seem to be her true calling.

--Jason Zengerle