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Is Schumer The New Kennedy?

Via Mark Halperin, here's an attack ad against Charles Schumer that Mitch McConnell is running as he attempts to hold on to his Kentucky Senate seat.

Now, on one level, the choice of Schumer as McConnell's Democratic bogeyman makes sense--since it's Schumer, as chairman of the DSCC, who's targeted McConnell for defeat. But you have to wonder if McConnell was forced to choose Schumer for this role since good taste prevented him from using the GOP's usual Democratic bogeyman, Ted Kennedy.

If Schumer is going to be the GOP's new Kennedy, they do need to work out a few kinks. For one, what's with the accent of that ad's narrator? At first I thought he was supposed to sound like Saul Cohen from Crown Heights. But by the end of the ad--when he's saying stuff like "bada bing bada boom" and "forget about it"--I thought he sounded like Sal Colazzo from Bensonhurst. Memo to McConnell: get your ethnic stereotypes straight!

--Jason Zengerle