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The Mccain-palin Nuclear Fusion Strategy

I love this logic from a GOP donor in Jeanne Cummings second-day story on the Palin shopping spree:

Other donors, in other e-mails and interviews, said the costs were worth the investment.

Palin has proven to be a major draw at campaign rallies, and her strong performances and appearance provides a polished and professional image on television, one donor noted.

In addition, he suggested, the bad press only means the GOP base will unite even further behind the McCain-Palin ticket [emphasis added].

Yes, it was all just an ingenious plot to unite the GOP base. It's a bit like nuclear (nucular?) fusion that way--shrink the base down to atomic size, then unite the hell out of it, thereby producing a fantastic release of energy. I like the way these guys think.

--Noam Scheiber