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The Year Of The (hot) Woman

This morning's Washington Post has a front-page article by Lois Romano proclaiming "Ideology Aside, This is the Year of the Woman." For those who want a slightly different take, I highly recommend Michelle Cottle's excellent piece. And for those who don't think the Post headline even makes sense, I would eyeball a Palin piece I wrote last month about why, when it comes to feminism, you can't put ideology aside.

But perhaps the best unintentional retort to the Post article comes 18 pages later in a Post op-ed by the conservative Palin critic Kathleen Parker. Entitled "Something About Sarah," Parker announces that she's finally hit on the reason John McCain chose the inexperienced Palin. Citing a study by "Canadian psychologists" (proof that conservatives are indeed in meltdown mode) that shows that "pretty women foil men's ability to assess the future," Parker concludes that McCain was "smitten" by the attractive governor. To loosely paraphrase Colin Powell, "Is there something wrong with some hot 7-year-old believing that she could be a hot vice-president?"  Yes, Ms. Romano, it sure feels like the "year of the woman" to me.