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Skip Navigation’s Week In Review (oct. 18-25)

  • Not a good week for Republicans, beginning with Colin Powell's moving endorsement of Obama (although Powell doctrine experts saw it coming). North Carolina's senate race turned south for Republican Elizabeth Dole, whose opponent is a real Cinderella story. Republicans are nominating such total wingnuts in Congressional races that even dedicated conservatives are turned off. John McCain is losing in his own backyard. In fact, he's losing pretty much everywhere: Nate Silver gives him a 3.7% chance of winning.
  • More fallout from the recession: It might be kinda good for the environment, Bush handled the economy worse than Herbert Hoover, and "secret socialist" is the new "secret Muslim." Speaking of socialists, Brian Moore, presidential nominee for the Socialist Party USA, sits down for an interview and says things like, "We were stung temporarily by the Cold War and Stalinism."
  • David Axelrod, self-described "keeper of the message," may have just learned how to conquer race in politics. In case there was any doubt, TNR officially endorsed Barack Obama for president, while Jeffrey Rosen warned us of a judicial apocalypse if McCain wins. 
  • Michael Crowley detailed the sloppy proliferation of polls, and Tim Marchman talked about baseball fans' sloppy distaste for LOOGIES.
--Max Fisher