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A Democrat In Republican's Clothing

Watch this ad running in Alabama's 2nd Congressional District through to about :22. Which political party do you think the candidate comes from?

It's sort of jarring to see that baby imagery -- imagery I'm more accustomed to seeing on posters at the National Right to Life march -- in an ad produced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is bankrolled mainly by people who would identify themselves as pro-choice. But it's the way of the future, at least for the moment. Bright represents the new generation of recruits now expanding the Democratic Party's majority: He's from a red district, pro-gun and pro-life, was wooed by both the GOP and the Democrats, and chose to run for Congress as a Democrat because he decided the party better tolerated independent minds and because he thought Obama's candidacy had the potential to awaken the district's usually-quiescent black vote.

As for the DCCC, it's perfectly happy to suffer Bright's more conservative tendencies in order to occupy another coveted Southern district -- at least for now.

--Eve Fairbanks