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Why Ordinary Joes Aren't Keen On Palin

The Times' Michael Powell has a nice piece today surveying the landscape in Western Pennsylvania. This scene is particularly interesting:

The Palin fires, however, show signs of banking. Over at Sheffield Lanes, mention of her name summons no glint from older bowlers, or from Jeremy and Joe Long, in their 20s, tipping Buds. They liked Mrs. Clinton but pass on Ms. Palin.

“She’s always talking about the ‘Average Joe,’ ” Jeremy Long said. “Average me! I don’t want myself in the Oval Office. I want someone smarter.”

For months I've been arguing that ordinary Joes, at least those who aren't right-wingers, don't want an ordinary Joe as president; out-of-touch liberal elites just assume they do. Nice to see some actual (if entirely anecdotal) confirmation of that.

--Noam Scheiber