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Open Thread: Comments From The Field

We've got some great reporters out in the field, but there's only so much we can see from our perch on H Street. That's where you come in.

From now until election day [edit TODAY!], we want to hear your campaign stories: Had an encounter with an off-message canvasser? Did your local anchor refer to Barack Osama? Are Republicans showing signs of a last-minute organizing surge? Maybe letters in your local paper are getting increasingly shrill, or you got a direct mail flyer about Obama's favorite Madrasa? Noticing any surprising local trends from either campaign? Post your anecdotes in the comment section on this thread, and every day we'll re-publish the best ones on The Plank.

And stay vigilant on election day! We want to know about voter suppression, fraud, long waits, and incompetent poll workers. 

The floor is yours.

--Eric Zimmermann