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The View From Your Polling Place

A lot of you are voting early this year--as many as 9.8 million ballots have already been cast in the 31 states that allow early voting in person. With the massive numbers of newly-registered voters, your local polling place could be quite a scene as early voting continues, and there's no telling what election day will bring.

We'd like to know what it looks like out there. Are people camping out for Georgia's four-hour lines? Did Florida's newly extended voting hours ameliorate voters, or is it getting unruly? We've set up a new feature we're calling "The View From Your Polling Place" as a way for you to share photos and stories from your local ballot stations.

When you head out to the polls, snap a photo and send it to us at We'll post the most interesting, most unusual, and funniest right here on The Plank. Include any backstory, explanation, or anecdotes along with the photo for us to post as well.

--Max Fisher