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Nader Is Self-absorbed

Al Gore is in Florida campaigning among huge crowds for Barack Obama. Many Floridians feel a certain guilt that their state political apparatus was so under the control of Bush operatives that ballot and 
ballot-counting theft were all but impossible to restrain. Then, of course, there was the Supreme Court, the highest judicial equivalent of a hanging jury...and a hanging jury not just for Gore but for the American people. Gore long has escaped his sentence and in a quite majestic way. The American people haven't done as well. And the further one gets from the the unjust ruling of the Supremes the more one feels both the evil and its consequences.

But one should remember that another major factor in the Bush sneaky finish was Ralph Nader, the most loathsome man of the left in American politics. He took the election from Al Gore long before that other 
loathsome figure, James Baker, went into action. Nader has just sent a haughty open letter to Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership urging them not to concede under any conditions, as if his campaign 
was not aimed directly at Obama. He more than implies that it was Gore's concession more than his own presence on the ballot that gave the election to Bush. He says the same of John Kerry's concession in Ohio. This man is a self-absorbed and self-righteous nutcase.

Saturday's Boston Globe prints an article (by Michael Kranish) showing how "Third-party candidates could tip some states." Nader is a permanent danger, far more dangerous than the small cars for whose retarded use on American he is also, in a grave way, responsible.