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Das Kapital Is Back

Das Kapital is on the best seller list in Germany. Yes, Marx's Das Kapital. Even the cover is like the original. Oh, I almost forgot: the writer is not Karl Marx but Renihard Marx, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Munich. 

The story is told by Bertrand Benoit in the weekend FT, with accompanying photo of the bearded cleric with threatening eyes and gesticulating hands. Sales of Das Kapital by the old mole Karl Marx is also rising, likely a result of the world economic crisis.  It is certainly recent events that have put the Bishop's bible near the Amazon top also.

The 21st century Marx believes we are nearing the end of the United States as a financial superpower. If that's an index of his wisdom I'm skeptical of his whole book. But I haven't even looked at it, and it hasn't been translated into English. My comprehension of German is about 50-60 percent efficient.