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Why Muslims Shouldn't Vote In American Elections

No, this is not me speaking. I want everybody to vote, even Republicans.

So who is exhorting American Muslims to stay home from the polls? It is the Shumukh al-Islam Forum about which, frankly, I know not almost nothing but nothing, plain and simple. But I did notice that there wasn't much attention being paid to Muslims or Arabs in the campaign. My guess is that effort by the presidential candidates would not be rewarded. And that is primarily because these cohorts (both Arabs and Muslims) keep themselves apart.  Coming from countries where there is no real sense of citizenship they have no primordial wish to participate. Moreover, there is a real sense of the "other." In Dearborn, Michigan, where roughly half of the population is Arab (and partially Christian Arab), the alienation between Shi'a and Sunni (mostly Lebanese) runs deep but is hardly noticed in newspaper articles about the most Arab American city. 

So what does the film message of the forum convey?  hat voting is kufr or what the Jews call treyf. Disbelief or heresy.

MEMRI has this report on the phenomenon. 

The upcoming presidential elections in the U.S. are much discussed on Islamist forums. The Shumukh Al-Islam forum announced the imminent release of a film series called "Why Voting Is Kufr (i.e., disbelief)." The films are obviously intended for American Muslims, and seem to be aimed at discouraging them from voting.

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An Associated Press dispatch reports another phenomenon. The foreign minister of Egypt has called on the Arab states to "combat" sea piracy. Thomas Jefferson also called on the Arab states to combat sea piracy more than two centuries ago. Progress is, alas, very slow in these countries. And piracy may not be kufr.