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Kkk Recruitment Drive In Oh

Via Seyward, who's just back from Ohio, a creepy story from the Buckeye State:

The recent circulation of a handful of Ku Klux Klan recruitment fliers in Marion didn't surprise state agents who monitor such activity.

Barack Obama could soon be the country's first black president. The timing of the fliers was no coincidence, said Michelle Gatchell, a spokeswoman for the Ohio attorney general's office, which monitors the KKK and other white supremacy and fringe organizations in the state.

The agents often see a spike in recruitment efforts at times when the country's interests in hot-button political issues are heightened, such as when legislation comes up concerning opening the borders.

"It is times like that, that these groups think they can say 'Help us protect America,' " Gatchell said. "And this election has become one of those times."

It's true that many of the usual white-power suspects are surprisingly non-bilious about Obama. But his presidency would no doubt kick up a fair amount of filth like this.

--Michael Crowley