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Campaign Review: 'the Architects'

With the race nearing its end, we've decided to highlight some of our best campaign coverage from the last two years. Today, we start with four profiles of the race's top strategists.

Obama Campaign:

David Axelrod
"The Message Keeper: How David Axelrod Learned To Conquer Race"
by Jason Zengerle; November 5, 2008

David Plouffe
"Plouffe Piece: The Commander Of Obama's Nerd Army"
by Noam Scheiber; May 7, 2008

McCain Campaign:

Mark Salter
"Salter Ego: Meet the High Priest of the McCain Cult"
by Michael Crowley; July 30, 2008 

Steve Schmidt
"The Post-Rove Guru: How the Republican Party stopped dreaming about a permanent majority and learned to think like McCain strategist Steve Schmidt."
by Laurence Lowe; July 31, 2008

--Max Fisher, Amanda Silverman, and Eric Zimmermann